“Don’t sacrifice yourself

too much, because if you

sacrifice too much there’s

 nothing else you can give

and nobody will care

for you.”

– Karl Lagerfeld

Photographer Unknown

6 comments on “Much

  1. tameekaking

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  2. When I read that it reminded me of one I heard a while back.. “Just be you… Everyone one else is taken…” I don’t know why. Yours is beautiful and mine is funny? Smile

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  3. There can be no life with out some sacrifice. But life it self should not become a sacrifice…..then it loses value. However it is better to even have an altruistic suicide than to live an absolutely selfish existence ….

    There is a poem by Pablo Neruda about a man who lives alone, no one knows that he is alive, he eats some bread , he sleeps , wakes up and eats again and according to Neruda he is a letter to the world ” Live”
    I felt the opposite. A life that is not of any use to anyone is not worth living…..

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  4. trulyamorous

    The truth in this is amazing..

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  5. Excellent words!

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  6. Be certain you are getting filled up as you are pouring yourself out, or you will end up empty.

    This was a thought provoking post!

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