Written by Jacob Ibrag

Lights flicker when I think of

her. Fabricated imagination, can’t

get carried away with it. She’s in

love with another. Laugh’s at his

jokes, vulnerable to his touch.

Hard to watch that smile when I

 know I’m not the one liable.

Photographer Unknown


11 comments on “Liable

  1. Such an interesting use of the word liable. I enjoyed it and the poem very much. Wonderful work.

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  2. Unexpected turn in the last two lines.

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  3. Wonderful and it speaks the hearts of many.
    Good one there! Keep it up.

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  4. Absolutely perfect!

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  5. “Liable ” is some one who has to pay sooner or later …right ?
    It is interesting how men hate each other over a woman…..He need not pay for the competition that you lost…..anyways good to know those who still love a woman and fight a war in their hearts wanting her…..cool…..

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  6. hello can i use the picture of the man for a poster design ? it free ??

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