Written by Jacob Ibrag

The light burns in

me. Separating right

 from easy. Sometimes

 I want to turn it off,

to swim blindly in an

ocean full of  sharks.

To fall, to learn how

to get up. To draw

 breath with purpose.

Photography by Sarah Ann Loreth


6 comments on “Purpose

  1. “separating right from easy”

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  2. Thank goodness drawing breath is automatic. Drawing purpose…well that takes a bit of work!

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  3. Love Love Loveeee This!
    Like beeseeker said. “Separating right from wrong.”
    That STUCK OUT so much. So many people in this world just go with What is Easy… not what’s right!
    Great Job! 😀 ☻

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  4. Reblogged this on English Comments and commented:
    “….separation right
    from easy…” –Jacob Ibrag

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