“Hiding how you really

feel and trying to make

everyone happy doesn’t

make you nice, it just

makes you a liar.”

– Jenny O’Connell

Photographer Unknown


7 comments on “Liar

  1. Woah! 🙂 You’re right, absolutely right!

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  2. timelesswheel


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  3. Showing only what you feel
    Never caring for what others feel
    Does not make you honest
    It merely makes you selfish …

    All those who are brutally honest ,
    enjoy being brutal as much as being honest…….

    There is no absolute truth there is only perception ……

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  4. Too much of anything isn’t good. It’s important to pick our battles when it comes to self expression. I feel some expressions are intimate even sacred, and I respect that other people have a right to speak their opinions or hold them back. It’s being untrue to one’s self I think is a dangerous lie.

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  5. Morgan Monique Byers

    This is so true. I’m not good at hiding how I really feel I have to say it.

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