Written by Jacob Ibrag

He dived into her heart and planted a seed

in the red river. It was the only way a piece

of him would forever stay with her. The war

started and men were needed. It was the way

of the world then. The call rushed through

his veins and carried him into the battle field.

She cried and remained in denial when two

men in black came to her side. Physically gone,

yet he was planted in her soul. As time passed,

the roots took hold. Memories of him carried

her forward. Eyes closed and there he was, by

the garden in her heart. Internally Eternal.

Art by AquaSixio


11 comments on “Eternal

  1. soulful poem and suitable pic

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  3. Very beautiful!

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  5. anitalubesh


    I enjoyed the blend of internal and external, and deliberate or not, reference to the ‘rush through the veins’, giving it extra impetus. Nice.

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