Written by Jacob Ibrag

Questioning my inquiring process.

Am I seeking the right answers? Are

these thoughts original? If not, where

did they come from? Looking into

the mirror, witnessing fragments of

all the people that touched my psyche

take shape to form the face I see in

front of me. A hybrid. Better. Worse.

More of the same. Recycled. Carbon

copy cluster of garbage. I become

them. Part of the whole system.

Politically correct human.

Artist Unknown


18 comments on “Cluster

  1. thoughful

    : )

    enjoyed though


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  2. Subtle satire!

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  3. Amazing! The depth at which each line portrays is beautiful. Keep following your heart and doing what it is you feel is best. You know yourself better than anybody else. Stay true to your faith and personal truths.

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  5. I like almost all your work but this one is special.
    I am falling in love with your mind…. It looks so much like my own, but clearer.

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