“I am very interested

and fascinated how everyone

loves each other, but no one

really likes each other.”

– Stephen Chbosky

Photographer Unknown


3 comments on “Likes

  1. I thought the opposite….we have this slot called like every where. Love is out of fashion.
    Like and love are not mutually exclusive…Not anymore…..
    .it was in Victorian era…. Rochester , Heathcliff, Rhett or even Darcy were not like able. Lovable ? I can not question the Brontes or Austen…
    It was Byron who said ” No one knows the exact moment when friendship becomes love”
    Thought provoking post. As always….

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  2. enzamarie

    Dare I say I love this?

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  3. I agree with you statement about loving but not liking one another…it’s so deep abut true at the same time

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