Written by Jacob Ibrag


for his thoughts, she drifted

towards him. What was he thinking?

What does he desire? She kissed his neck

and whispered, “I’ll figure you out, sooner or

later.” He dazed at her with a puzzled grin,

“there’s nothing to figure,  all I need is

your stares and wandering lips.”


Painting by Laura Blank

32 comments on “Thirsty

  1. What kind of novelties would you like to write?

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  2. Brought back some memories. And a smile of course. 🙂
    Also,I love how nicely you collaborate the words with the visual illustration.

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  3. Beautiful, love the painting you chose to go with it too.

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  5. love the picture

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  6. Wow! I’m hungry for me 😉
    Love it!

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  7. Thirsty…….Quench – a cocktail of words!

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  8. When it’s best to live in moment and not for understanding. There’s beauty in it!

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  9. Just beautiful ! love it 🙂

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  10. Loved it! Superb 😄 Happy to connect 💕

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  13. Love the art…love the craft…love ur work with my whole heart

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  14. Reblogged this on meg.


  15. I really like your work.

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  16. avid reader

    Love needs no words to express. Its meant to be felt. Similarly it does not question. Absolutely delightful work.

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