Written by Jacob Ibrag

Reaching the top,

a single tear made it’s

way down his face.

He was happy and

yet it was the saddest

moment of his day.

Nothing would ever

come close to this.

This was everything.

Bittersweet memory.

Artist Unknown


10 comments on “Bittersweet

  1. Well said.
    Yes, it is bittersweet.
    Once the top is reached ( sweet )
    And journey is over
    The only way
    Is down ( bitter )

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  3. Wow, beautifully said, its in your hardest triumph you finish that you feel the most happy, that it shows to yourself that you could do what you thought could not be achievable 🙂

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  4. Awesome stuff. Love your pieces and your art is on point too

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  5. Lovely words and graphic.

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