I Get It


“I get it.

The things you

hope for the most

are the things that

destroy you in

the end.”

– David Levithan

Photographer Unknown

9 comments on “I Get It

  1. SignedArouge

    That is a sad reality. The sad truth.

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  2. Your biggest strength becomes your worst vulnerability at some stage , because they are traits , hence inflexible.
    Life breaks that which does not bend.
    Your hopes are awaiting magic ? Then it is fragile. Many get their dreams since they work relentlessly towards it…
    Perhaps preachy , but sentimentality appeals fleetingly……Sense dawns sooner with every new disappointment…..nothing or no one can destroy you except your own self……

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  3. Expectations kill

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  4. Nice one there. Love this quote.

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  5. Dormis Aeternitas


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