Written by Jacob Ibrag

Not enough. It’s never enough.

He’s waiting for my answer as I taste

 the tip of my cigarette. This smoke,

the only thing that’s ever remains

consistent. Slowly killing away of

what little of me remains. He needs

 my attention, and it’s all used up.

 Exhaling out, I’ll never be enough.

Photographer Unknown


14 comments on “Exhaling

  1. Dope…I have actually felt this way before so I can relate….your words took me right there for a sec…powerful piece.

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  2. Powerful is correct…I lost my father to lung cancer several years after my parents divorced. I can’t even find the words to describe how deeply you captured his struggle. Amazing!

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  3. Smoking kills ,its no solution

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  4. Writing New Perspectives

    This is amazing, this really got me

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  5. thesmilingpilgrim

    That picture and your writing go really good together!

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  6. Everything fits together in one. The picture with the words. This was different and I thoroughly enjoyed flowing with this piece. Thanks for sharing

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  7. The writing is amazing! So succinct yet powerful!

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