Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘Tell me something though,

how did you find out?’

Walking towards the door,

 she stops and turns around,

‘your heart whispered it to

me last night, just couldn’t

hold on to all of your lies.’

Photographer Unknown


20 comments on “Lies

  1. so delicately written. beautiful

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  2. Just saw your blog, it’s amazing. Check my poems, need reviews from experts like you. http://wp.me/p7CRLB-17

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  3. Wonderful choice of words

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  4. Brea Viragh

    Wish I had thought to say this to someone in the right moment

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  5. It’s very nice and beautiful

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  6. so simple yet so moving. nice work

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  7. Jacob, I am as moved by your choice of words as by the pictures you use to highlight them…Amazing work!

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  8. brujsims

    Lies have a stench that can be easily recognized if you truly pay attention to it.

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  9. The Smiling Pilgrim

    That picture really draws you in and the writing is really good I like how you worded that last bit :)!

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  11. but the lies wasnt mine, my heart was tired so it spoke to you as it were needing air to breathe.

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