Written by Jacob Ibrag

I didn’t ask for this, couldn’t help it. You

walked in through that door and I didn’t belong

to me anymore. Didn’t even see you at first, didn’t

matter. The way the air tasted, filling my lungs and

leaving, was this breathing? Numbness delivered to

my knees, paralyzing my limbs, never felt so weak. In

that moment, I felt pain. Couldn’t explain it, like I knew

something was missing. Wasn’t missing yesterday, yet

it was obvious now. An emptiness. Up until now, I

existed without a rhyme or reason. You probably

think I’m crazy, but you’re smiling. Please, say

anything. What is this I’m feeling?

Photographer Unknown



18 comments on “Feeling

  1. phoenixrisenweb

    Great write, painful!

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  2. Wonderful. It makes you want to keep reading more and more.

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  3. Love this!

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  4. This is really great. Nice writing. 🙂

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  5. ‘I didn’t belong to me anymore’ , the line is beautiful 🙂

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