New Light


“If people refuse to look at

you in a new light and they can

only see you for what you were, only

see you for the mistakes you’ve made, if

they don’t realize that you are not your

mistakes, then they have to go.”

– Steve Maraboli

Art by Gandalfx


6 comments on “New Light

  1. Lovely picture and quote 🙂

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  2. A prism, from light to color, we are vast…

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  3. Some anonymous quote” I am tired of forgiving those who are never sorry for what they did to me” …..Repent for your mistakes , then you stand apart from your mistake….Not accepting your mistake is also a mistake……

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  4. Yep! Forgive them for their limitations and let go. 💛

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  5. Beautifully framed! Not one person can be seen under only one lens

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