“Half the world is composed

of people who have something

to say and can’t, and the other

half who have nothing to say

and keep on saying it.”

– Robert Frost

Photographer Unknown


10 comments on “Half

  1. There is an ironic truth here, somewhere.

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  2. pontsee

    Truer words have never been spoken!

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  3. The state of British politics today!

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  4. There is half the world who have something to say and never stop …?
    Unsaid truth in the middle of it all…
    Frost was one such poet …..!

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  5. Another Quote that I really admire~Frost~ Is a favorite of mine.

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  6. Heartafire

    Could this more true…no! Love this.

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  7. Wondering if he has met Donald Trump …


  8. Well spoken
    Nothing but the truth

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  9. Mercedes Plain

    haha!…possibly true…or mostly…haha!…whichever..

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