I Remember

Written by Jacob Ibrag

I remember you. We used to

steal stares  from across the sky in

another life. We were stars frozen

in constellation, waiting to explode

so we could find each other here on

Earth. Before you left, you swore

that you would never forget.

You never did.

Photographer Unknown


35 comments on “I Remember

  1. Yes and the starseeds will always know where home is.. Love this it reaches into my spirit…

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  2. Oh, so lovely!

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  3. Left but not forgotten

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  4. Beautiful. This speaks to me.

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  5. Reminds me of these lyrics – “I was so scared to face my fears. Nobody told me that you’d be here. And I swore you moved overseas. That’s what you said, when you left me. Let me photograph you in this light ….” I know it is not exactly the same, but the words in your poem just made me start singing this song πŸ™‚

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  6. Beautiful story of souls always attached through space, though not always sharing the same space. We all dream that is the case with people we have loved. x

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  7. Hi. This is a nice poem, Jacob.


  8. nice words by Jacob Ibrag…as an image-maker i wonder who the unknown photographers and artists are?

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  9. So wonderful, so wonderful

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  10. Good blog, great words and talent. I reblogged it on my Facebook site @RealLifeAndRomance101. Maybe it will drive some readers to your site and give them the opportunity for some good reads.

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  12. This is stunning ❀ I love the emotions, the images and the promise.

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