Written by Jacob Ibrag

She says I’m picky, unable to see what’s

right in front of me. That I’m plagued with my

shades of gray mentality. She bathes in perfection,

sheltered by her innocence. The broken observe

through a different set of eyes, sifting through

all the lies. Wearing disguises, hiding.

Photographer by nishediary


26 comments on “Hiding

  1. “Plagued with my shades of gray mentality,” is a wonderful line. Me too.

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  2. A view of “shades of grey” and “a different set of eyes”, I love the way you articulate views of the world so concretely.

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  3. “Sifting through all the lies” really accentuates the brokenness that innocence wouldn’t understand. This is a wonderful poem.

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  4. Jocelyn

    ” The broken observe

    through a different set of eyes, sifting through

    all the lies. ”
    This part is amazing-what a beautiful way to put that idea.

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  5. this is not bad. this is good.

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  6. A poem that enchants..a sort of bath in imagery! Lovely

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  7. Lovely !!

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  8. beautyincoherence

    Just, beautiful.

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  9. Wonderful poem!

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  10. Its so more than amazing. You deserve the best award.😍

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  11. Broken people tend to be the ones that have experienced a greater range of all activities and feelings; therefore, they are the ones with wisdom. Poems like this one give me comfort. They remind people that sometimes the odd ones out are the ones that we should all be listening too.

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  12. This is beautiful. Loved it to bit. Following you now.
    Keep writing! 🙂

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