“Change isn’t easy. Changing the

way you live means changing what

you believe about life. That’s hard.

When we make our own misery, we

sometimes cling to it even when we

want so bad to change because the

misery is something we know.

The misery is comfortable.”

– Dean Koontz

Photographer Unknown


13 comments on “Cling

  1. Familiarity breeds comfort. Better the devil you know than the deep sea you don’t know.

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  2. As creature of habits, we do cling to our own selves. Change would be our own hard sponge, if its going to be then we keep slowly scrubbing.

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  3. So very true and well stated!

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  4. Change never happens in the comfortable ❣

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  5. This fits perfectly with the post I wrote earlier in the week around change… Take a peek if you get a minute – Great minds think alike! x.. https://brilliancewithin.com/2016/07/07/change-do-you-go-with-the-flow-or-swim-against-the-tide/

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  6. Cezane & Michelle

    So much truth in these words 👍 – Michelle

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  7. “The misery is comfortable.” Something our world knows too well.

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  8. Our society is all about comfort….and often people find it easier to be unhappy about something than to find that one good thing about any person or situation.

    “I miss the comfort in being sad.” K.C.

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  9. timelesswheel

    A feeling I definitely know…

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