Written by Jacob Ibrag

And when I’m pissed at what you did, I

can’t seem to stay mad. Infected by your touch,

materializing when I’m not watching. Surprising me

when hope teeters on a string. You hold me, promising

to grow with me and grow new memories. Staining my

lips with your kiss, I love the way you taste. Knowing

what to say, slaying my sensibility. For a moment

I’m lost in you again. Falling to my knees,

praying that you open up for me.

Photographer Unknown


27 comments on “Infected

  1. Love this πŸ™‚

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  2. Sounds like love in its most beautiful form.

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  3. Damn!

    Hidden love within a day…


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  4. I love this πŸ™‚ nicely written

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  5. I really liked this, gritty and full of everyday politics – how easily wound around the person is. Probably one of your best captures (for me).

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  6. Just what I needed to read at this very moment.

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  7. enzamarie

    For me, this is quintessential E + W. It’s all here. Deep desire, teetering hope, abandon of ground, sensuality, prayer… I love the last line.

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  8. Feeling the passion. Nicely done. ☺

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  9. samanthaalexiandlovu

    Wow, just wow, this is super good and so strong yet simply written. Amazing

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  10. stefparr

    ughhhh. i loveeee thisssss.

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  11. Poetry that people can relate to is immensely satisfying. Couldn’t have put it better.

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  12. SJohnMax

    This poem tells me the dynamics of any relationships and whether there is real freedom in a relationship. The speaker ‘is pissed’ at the lover. The speaker must have been badly hurt by the lover’s action(s) and wants to break free. However, the lover is ‘Infected by your touch, materializing when I’m not watching’ and ‘holds’ the speaker ‘promising to grow with me and grow new memories.’

    I can think of couples who get into fights and then one touch and all is forgotten.

    The earthly sensual passion in the speaker ‘forgets’ all that s/he is ‘pissed at’ and says ‘I’m lost in you again’.

    A well-written poem.

    Sometimes all we need to be is human and forgiving.

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  13. Beautifully written. Relationship is a complicated thing but it doesn’t have to be… Thank you for liking my new post.

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  14. I love this poem….it tugged at my heart.

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