Written by Jacob Ibrag

Time dripped through the IV bag and into his

veins. Prescribed by a voice in the sky, he wondered

if he was losing his mind. During the final minutes of his

life, the voice crept into his right ear and asked him if he had

any last requests. ‘I’ve never wanted much of anything. Please,

let me see her face. Allow me to lock stares with her as I wither

away from this place. I don’t care if I’m hallucinating, just do

this for me.’ As the last drop of time parted from the bag,

the world slowed down for just a minute. She looked

at him and held his hand, ‘I’ll see you soon again.’

Photographer Unknown


33 comments on “Request

  1. Cezane & Michelle

    So sad and beautiful 😦 – Michelle

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  2. Time dripped through the IV bag, what imagery. So sad, but so lovely. 🙂

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  3. This deserves the F word!!!

    Stunning! Breathtaking!!!

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  4. Very creative and I could actually feel the intensity of his feelings. Nice one.

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  5. Sooo romantic yet sad

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  6. Beautiful write! Thank you for sharing.

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  7. This is so beautiful. It has a lot of pain hidden inside.

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  8. Such a wonderful sentiment of how someone can meet up with someone s/he loves after death…

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  9. Judi Risser

    I love this piece…such a small thing to ask when offered the world.

    Thank you for liking my poems…:)

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  10. Oh my! This brings a tear to my eye. Thanks for sharing.

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  11. I am sorry, I have been feasting on your blog for how long alone today now? That is the repercussions of having a beautiful collection of words. Yours is my library henceforth. I think I have enough materials for a life time here.

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  12. Beautifully written.

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