Written by Jacob Ibrag

She wakes up to find him still in her bed.

‘Not gonna lie, figured you’d be gone by now,’

she whispers. ‘This early? Besides, it’s the weekend

and I’d rather keep staring at you,’ he says. Smiling, she

gestures at her back as to remind him of something. ‘So

you used to have wings, my hair started to gray when I

was in the second grade,’ he tells her. ‘Doesn’t bother

you that-‘ ‘No, the fact that you shared that side of

yourself makes me love you even more,’ he says

as he grazes his fingers across the parallel

scars on her back. ‘You are beautiful.’

Photographer Unknown


27 comments on “Scars

  1. Nice post

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  2. Beautiful 🙂 We should be able to share all of us with the one we love, especially the not so pretty parts. ♡

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  3. If only people could be that open to one another.

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  4. i feel the same every girl that passes..


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  5. Love grows when you are always in love and give love.

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  6. Wow. A powerful love.

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  7. I like how conversational this piece is, it makes it easy to relate.

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  8. This is so sweet!

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  9. This is lovely ❤ I love how you discreetly slip in a supernatural detail in your poetry. It brings a whole other dimension to your lines. Once again. I love it!

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  10. Love is, accepting each other for all of one’s flaws…

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  11. Nice and short. I love the outlook

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  12. Very spot on, beauty should be organic have a poem has some contrast. 💣💥🌲

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  13. This thing called love is interesting. I have yet to feel or grasp its true meaning.

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