Written by Jacob Ibrag

I’ll steal all of her tears away. It’s the

least I can do, she gives purpose to my

kleptomaniac ways. I’ll adopt her stream

till there’s nothing left but a smile on that

face. There it is, the curvature of her lips.

What I’d do to steal one kiss. She promises

to never shed a single tear again. ‘But that’s

how I know you’re real,’ I tell her. ‘Deposit

it all into my soul, the good and the pain.’

Photographer Unknown


19 comments on “Steal

  1. “Stealing tears and kleptomaniac “…..
    Beautifully put together ! 🙂

    Hi welcome to my world of words…


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  3. Great post. Love it! Please check out my blog I’m new here and would love advice from you xoxo

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  4. Gorgeous ❤️

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  5. Oh my God I have no words for how amazing this was

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  6. This is exquisite, Jacob! I absolutely loved it.

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  7. Simply amazing 🙂

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  9. This was really good

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  10. nice one. the pain is the best bit 🙂

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