“I’ve never fooled anyone.

I’ve let people fool themselves.

They didn’t bother to find out

who and what I was. Instead

they would invent a character

for me. I wouldn’t argue with

them. They were obviously

loving somebody I wasn’t.”

– Marilyn Monroe

Photographer Unknown



3 comments on “Fool

  1. That was so perfect and true . . .

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  2. Moo Moo Bloom

    Reblogged this on The 3 Ps and commented:
    I have always felt like people liked the idea of me rather than myself. So many of my relationships seem bizarrely fabricated. Some people become obsessed with me, some people have strong opinions on me for no reason. The biggest perpetrator of this fabrication is my family. I have learned to love these multiple identities I have, depending on what circle I’m in, that I hate people who easily like me because I believe they only like the idea of me. Honestly I attribute this to the drive-by friendship condoned by our culture. People I barely know will tell me they miss me. I barely miss my own mother, how can you miss me if you do not know me? Saying this, I also feel that I do not know my mother who is one of the fakest people I have ever met. With that being said, I think I have just had a realization about where my mistrust of people stems from. Thank you, blog.
    Marilyn Monroe is still my spiritual twin. We are both Geminis, which may account for the dual personality thing as well.


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