Written by Jacob Ibrag

You count down from ten while holding

onto your breath. Careful. Don’t make a sound, he

might hear you inhale. He holds you close, clenching his

fists. Four in the morning, you look towards the exit. Grab

his hand away from your heart and transplant it onto the bed.

This was all a mistake,  a choice that you were never supposed

to make. He promised you the moon, the stars and everything

in between.You waited half of your life, force feeding on

his dreams. And somewhere down the lie, something

in you awoke. It was an image of his hand covering

your mouth as you tried to scream no.

Photographer Unknown


34 comments on “No

  1. good one 🙂

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  2. very creepy, but well written. If it’s only an image, RUN.

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  3. Wow! This elicits fear on a primal level. Well written, and interesting commentary.

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  4. Aw… it’s very heart wrenching

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  5. Ahhhh! This is potent!

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  6. wanderlustandcoffeelover

    wow that last line scared me

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  7. Sanya Monga

    Nice one !

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  8. This is a nightmare come to life. It is so raw, real, and necessary to be heard

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  9. This has very powerful imagery. A great read. 🙂

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  10. This can easily be interpreted into a very common scenario but it’s that one word that tends to give new meaning to it. Brilliantly penned, Jacob; well thought out and played.


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  11. A chill-inducing and powerful piece; I love coming across poems like this. Very well done 🙂

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  12. This stops you in your tracks. Well done!

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  13. My goodness. Creepy and scary.

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  14. and, with that realization, hopefully, the narrator will finally, make her getaway from this guy who doesn’t really love her, but is controlling her instead…

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  16. Very powerful! You tapped into the dark side of this type of abuse. I pray that our words would move people to realize this is a real epidemic, not a hollywood movie. The fear is real, as is the threat.

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  17. timelesswheel

    Very well written and portrayed

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  18. Aroma Blogger

    Amazing !!! really really amazing write !!!

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  19. Hi Eyes + Words Powerful! Thank you for liking my poem “The Ships!” Peace and Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.

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