Written by Jacob Ibrag

News broke yesterday that the world had an

expiration date. Two days remained until this planet

vacated the milky way. Fact of the matter was that the world

ended a long time ago, the moment our right to free speech was

marooned by the sensitive establishment. God forbid I use ‘God’ in a

sentence, ‘how do we know whether or not he who shall not be named

even exists?’ Faith is blind as is love, yet it’s a little more than a feeling.

It’s something innate that you can’t explain with tangible reasoning.

Our souls died a while back, and all that’s left now is the physical.

Our minds stalled by the fear of abstract and inexplicable. ‘I

remember when the right to believe was inalienable.’

Photographer Unknown


32 comments on “Blind

  1. Beautiful , my friend!
    Very Very Passionate!!

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  2. Really like your poem and the way you are addressing political correctness. It has really gone to extreme.
    The photo at the top is beautiful.

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  3. God!! That’s an amazing picture☺👍

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  4. Near perfected written beauty!

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  5. This begs the question, in such circumstances who would you kill? Does that make me peculiar? I don’t hold out much hope for Mr Trump!
    Flippancy aside – this is tremendous!

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  6. Wonderful post. Awesome

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  7. Reading it agin

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  8. Can’t decide whether this applies to religion or politics, but I like the last line. Do you remember the Buddhist story of the blind men and the elephant? Don’t remember if the blind men all went to war with each other.

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  9. Well done. The world is far too PC for my tastes. That being said, you put such things on display in quite a well written way. I like how you did this and keep up the amazing work. ^_^

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  10. I’m hearing you. It’s like the powers that be have abandoned us and our humanness has become enslaved by those who control power. The greedy. The world (us) will reach a point when enough is enough and wrestle that so-called power back. Rebellion. Something like what us happening in Aleppo today. The people are fighting back against great odds…sad, very very sad

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  11. Truly inn loving this piece of written work…

    Somewhat follows a theory of my own,

    i wonder ifinn it,

    would be to bold to say;

    hugs & kisses chris

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  12. Excellent ending!

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  13. Reading it makes me furious and sad yet hopeful and a little happy at the thought of being understood. Beautiful work !

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  14. Great work! 🙂 Also loving the shape of the poem!! 🙂 Good one!

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  15. This is wonderfully written.

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  16. I love them all, E+W. I love the web presentation, the photos and especially the poems. Great work.

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  17. Thanks for stopping by on my word canvass.wordpress.com
    Your poems I like. They are sweet. I like your wordplay with God forbid, then don’t mention God.

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