Written by Jacob Ibrag

Faces in the void seek answers to unknown

questions. Souls married to vessels plagued with

existential crises. Dry mouths, bloodshot eyes. Waiting

for something, anything to happen. Lost in the need to be

different. Told from an early age that they were special, that

they had potential. Ran away when they heard words like hard

work and determination. Commence mental deterioration, add a

pinch of increasing expectations as days progress into the decades.

Progressively pacing towards a dead end. Aggressively frustrated

at others success, they want a piece of it. No, they want the entire

thing.  Delusional, by now it’s fused within their intellect. By now

they’ve lost the will to begin again. It’s too late for them. Blinded.

They think they want what everybody else has. They lost sight of

the only passenger that mattered more than anything. They

forgot about the soul inside, whispering answers to

the questions they have yet to think of.

Photographer Unknown


30 comments on “Inside

  1. I am struggling to even find the words to describe what I think about this writing. It is raw, and true to each word. I found myself rereading lines over and over simply because they spoke to me so. I need more of his work in my life. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. These lines very well depict the dilemma of youngsters. I moved by your thoughtfulness. Wonderfully written!

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  3. Wow! I love this and all your work. This really captures those who have yet to grow up. I think in all of us however, feel this way at least once in a year. There are always more questions.

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  4. This is fantastic, Jacob! I really lije this piece, and I especially like the physical shape of it: unique, like a fingerprint.

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  5. I enjoyed reading your insightful poem about paradox of the underachieving gifted person. I taught gifted ed for a couple of years for middle school students. I saw this challenge often. You gave it form with this poem.

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  6. Wow just wow! You are gifted at words.

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  7. Wonderful and true.

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  8. Love the insight inside this one~

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  9. It’s powerful ! I loved it ..

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  10. Oh gosh! So beautiful and very true of this younger generation, I think

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  11. Near perfect summarisation of the impossible.

    Markedly human in its imperfection.

    Thanks for sharing.


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