Written by Jacob Ibrag

I want to hold her tight, yet

her eyes question my intentions.

Body language painted with blue

indiscretion. If only she understood

what her presence has planted in me.

I’ll never leave. Swear on this and

every possible eternity.

Photographer Unknown


17 comments on “Presence

  1. You are hooked! Love the faces on your poems.

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  2. Casual Procrastinator

    I love how the language of the poem sweeps upwards from a personal interaction to something very large in scale. It gives a real feeling of the importance of the words at the end.

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  3. Its deep, very deep in her eyes!! Words are aptโ˜บ๐Ÿ‘

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  4. love this great job.

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  5. Always love your posts – your use of the English language is exquisite!

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  6. restless artist

    I love this.

    โ€”maybe she looks at you like that for a reason…

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  7. He poetry is so true there are trust issues especially in women it’s hard to believe that he will not leave

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  8. I can relate

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