Written by Jacob Ibrag

First time. Collect yourself,

breathe. Hear your name. Walk up

to the stage. You feel weak. Blinding

lights. Concentrate. Stare into the crowd.

Dedicate this dance. Tear your walls down.

Vent. Invite them in. They take part in

your raw emotion. Standing ovation.

This is real. This is your purpose.

Photography by James Woodley

30 comments on “Real

  1. I can definitely see and feel abrupt, unsure steps or thoughts (not by you) by this invisible “person” you’ve carefully written. Nice. This almost makes me feel in an odd way, claustrophobic.

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  2. Definitely felt this before

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  3. Ooooo, love this! Especially the vent part. lol!

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  4. I must say.. very expressive. Well written… 🙂

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  6. Beautiful it’s great to see poetry isn’t a dead art 🙂

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    • Thank you very much 🙂

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    • enzamarie

      I was recently at a writer’s fellowship where I was surprised to learn that, at least in the US, poetry has never been more alive as an expressive, shared art. Though I do understand your comment, most people do not have the attention for poetry, today.

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  7. Well put. I believe this a great representation of the feelings of artists, most notably those who perform on stage.

    Love the poem! ^_^

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  8. This is amazing.

    Very heart felt : )

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  9. Wat a brand opening.

    I m moved :p

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  10. Beautiful this is. ♥

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  11. emotionalspaces

    The best performances occur when we leave ourselves naked on stage and allow spectators to see themselves in what we do. Beautiful!

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  12. This photo is not of Alexander Yakovlev!The photographer of the photo is James Woodley


  13. sweetlovewispers

    The photographer of the photo is James Woodley and not Alexander Yakovlev ..

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