Too Much


“The most painful

thing is losing yourself

in the process of loving

someone too much, and

forgetting that you are

special too.”

-Ernest Hemingway

Painting by Alex Cherry


6 comments on “Too Much

  1. Right! absolutely! 🙂

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  2. Well said.. This Is what we all experience in Our life.. In the end this regret came in our life too and we can’t help wishing we hadn’t lost our self for another..

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  3. So true. Unfortunately it happens to so many people. Good post.

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  4. lemonadeletter

    This hit close to home… thank you for sharing :3

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  5. I think it is to do with the one who you loved , if he /she also loved you as fiercely and completely as you loved , then you would never have forgotten your self , you become more strongly “you ” More aware of your entire self…..when love is not equal in quantity or quality then you feel cheated of your whole self …….other wise love is ALWAYS enhancing and not diminishing.
    Hemingway suffered from PTSD after the war , perhaps had ” survivor guilt” ….and also committed suicide.

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  6. emotionalspaces

    A thought provoking quote. Thanks for sharing!

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