Written by Jacob Ibrag

Broken back and all,

she floats on. Struggling through

the pain, she tries to redefine its meaning.

Playing back every moment of every day of her being,

the clouds above take shape to try to illustrate her memories.

Feeling the river between her toes and fingers grow still, she wills her

eyes open to see where it took her. Washed over with nostalgia, she swears

that she’s been here. Not literally, in a dream. She feels different. Rejuvenated.

The air takes over her body, giving her new strength. She lifts herself up

from the river, whole again. Hearing a voice so familiar, she turns

to her left. ‘Mom?’ She whispers. Eleven years since she’s

last seen her. ‘You’re here now my love. No

more pain, no more disease.’

Photographer Unknown


21 comments on “Here

  1. A wonderful piece on closure. Pain is an all consuming thing!

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  2. A very touching beautiful piece of art I love every line

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  3. flashlight batteries

    There is love in grief. Thank you for your words today.

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  4. beautifully haunting.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Simply Beautiful. What a sweet reunion and glimpse of healing.

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  6. What should I say? Her eyes are narrating thousand stories.

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  7. emotionalspaces

    To grieve means one has loved and lost.A beautiful piece.

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  8. One of the best pieces I read today.

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  9. Your words flow into the deep river. I just breathe it. Lovely.

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  10. That’s a nice illustration you’ve used with your story. I mean, the concept you’re painting with your narrative, not in reference to the photo.

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