Written by Jacob Ibrag

New apartment. Walls

drenched with a white coat

of wet paint. Jackson Pollock

masterpiece in the making. He

kisses her belly, embracing a

kick. Day one. Begin again.

Photographer Unknown


25 comments on “Embrace

  1. Beautiful!

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  2. Joys of love, devotion and parentage. No matter how much trials and sleepless nights, its worth the wait. Then you see the product of love is renewed through the eyes of a newborn.

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  3. Beautiful poem. My cousin and her husband recently had identical twin boys and he posts the most beautiful photos and videos on his Facebook page. He is a chef and so not surprising that he would have that creative intuition as a photographer as well. He takes the sort of photos I would take of the boys holding hands and speaking to each other. He is so smitten. It’s really beautiful!

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  4. Written beautifully x

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  5. The pic plus the poem stir so much in me as I’m in a new home and trying to have a baby with my wife… Excellent poem my friend

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  6. beautiful! πŸ™‚

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  7. Fantastic piece – you’ve said so much with so little. Lovely!

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  8. Beautiful!!😊


  9. The miracle of life never gets old. Live the picture

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  10. Brilliantly expressed the euphoria of parenthood

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  11. Beautiful words and poem embracing the joys of parenthood.

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