“I remember the

sights and sounds and

smells of  home because

the memory of home is

the thing that never

leaves us.”

– Wyatt Cooper

Artist Unknown


6 comments on “Sights

  1. Even though the memories of “home” is what we will always have in our minds, but, finding that lost feeling back would be next to impossible…

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  2. My uncle owns my childhood home and my mom is currently living there, and when I visited it was like opening a dam. I could see the phantasm of me and my cousins moving about the house. I miss my gandmother most of all. Great post!

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  3. Felt it many a time… Home is a place where we have been made not just where we were born. I realize now how important the feeling is to everyone.

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  4. So true. Some smells just take me back – soup on the stove, shortbread in the oven. Or there are the looks, yep, they wore that grin when we….

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