Written by Jacob Ibrag

Had a dream last night. Still haven’t decided

whether I liked it or not because you were there.

Painted with an affectionate grin, I was reminded

of all the good we used to share. There I was, in this

 dreamland holding this familiar yet foreign hand. The

stubborn rain went on, magnifying your sweet scent.

And so I pushed away, knowing it was more than I

could handle. I was an addict again, thirsty for your

fading attention. Restraining my desire, I readjusted

my eyes to the dark skies. Yet my heart kept staring

narrowly into your soul. And there you were, in a

 wedding dress holding a baby. She had your

pure blonde hair, and his sly smile.

Photographer Unknown


21 comments on “Smile

  1. Amazingly written. Loved the way you’ve explained the soul still staring narrowly. Beautiful!

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  2. emotionalspaces

    Another beautiful write

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  3. Great poem – interesting juxtaposing of images and emotions from the dream.

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  4. so beautiful !

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  5. Imagery on point sir!

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  6. Aww…I love the way you write! ^_^

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  7. This is amazing ! Beautiful piece, full of emotions. You sure know how to use words 🙂

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