Written by Jacob Ibrag

When she looked at him the way that

she did, he felt naked. Layered facade thawed,

an unarmored soldier walking towards his deliverer.

Injecting reality into his veins, she made him as equal as

the rest of them. Exposing his crown to be that of glass, she

was a reminder of where he came from. She was his past, his

future and forever his present. Shedding a smile towards his

direction, he knew that she’d never let him forget. He

wasn’t a God, yet he was barely a human.

Artist Unknown


42 comments on “Naked

  1. I love this SO much

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  2. Chilling and beautiful.

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  3. Beautiful and powerful words!

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  4. AHHH you never cease to blow me away. Magical job. 😍

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  5. this was so beautiful. loved every word. it blew my mind away.

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  6. Perfect. Really spoke to me today.

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  7. Your work constantly amazed me, incredible x

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  8. Hello! I would really like to have a word with you, can I your email address or better still my email address is ogunlekeadekunleemmanuel@gmail.com


  9. Entranced by this amazing poetry! ^_^

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  10. wow, truly amazing!!!

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  11. I am dazzled. Absolutely beautiful.

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  12. Short and filled with perfection! Loved it ^_^

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  13. the eyes that can pierce through, into the soul, there’s NO escaping her gaze that’s for sure!!!

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  14. sveppirgarden

    // who takes the wonderful photography on this blog?? / it’s all so wonderful~ ❤

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  15. Amazing! Love this 🙂

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