Lose one friend,

Lose all friends,

Lose yourself.

-Eric Matthews

Photographer Unknown


5 comments on “Yourself

  1. Terrific. Truly powerful. Friendship has the most vital function of reminding you who you are , what you are . It is a mirror to yourself , when you lose all your friends , you lose your self. Meaningful post. And a poem….it does not explain, it just shows. Liked it a lot !

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    • You really believe this? So you’re saying that because I don’t have any friends, that I’m a nobody?

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      • Not at all. Friends come and go, yet there are people that are so close that they transcend into a whole other category. They become a part of you and sometimes when a falling out occurs, you may feel like you’re losing a part of yourself.

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  2. very short, and yet, speaks directly to people’s heart. you write straight to the point.

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