Written by Jacob Ibrag

Don’t pull on the loose thread, you aren’t

ready to bear beyond the surface. I share with

you what your mind can digest. Bit by bit, you

drink on the truths I spill. Your thirst increases

by the day, begging for my hand to double your

intake. Careful child, you’re pulling again. The

world you seek may unravel you from within.

Photography by David Uzochukwu


43 comments on “Loose

  1. your poems are amazing

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  2. This is so beautiful..

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  3. I want to read this over & over to digest it fully. So much truth contained in one short poem! Life can only be lived one day, one minute, one moment at a time. Beautifully expressed.

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  4. Loved this. Thank you

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  5. Awesome Jacob. I love this poem, and the image is just perfect

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  6. Loving your page! Great content!

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  7. The mystery of the world within?

    cheers chris

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  8. OMG. This is too heavy. The reality that you have captured through this short poem is an amazing work of yours. I read it thrice to understand it completely. Beautiful work there. 😊🙏

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  9. I keep reading this, falling more and more in love with the words. xx

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  10. Beautiful work…truly beautiful.

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  12. A beautiful description of what can occur with intimacy.

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  13. A very finely crafted and well thought out piece. I congratulate you on this special collection of words.

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  14. That desire to know has ruined many. Very deep piece.

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  15. Fantastic poem. Embrace this moment, it is the only time we have.

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  17. I’ve been following your blog since you followed or liked one of my posts (I forget which, but that is neither here nor there), and have never regretted it since. Your poems often captivate my attention, and this one did so especially.

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  18. Very true…..beautifully written !

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