Written by Jacob Ibrag

We’re never really lost,

no matter how twisted of a path

we might’ve taken. Mistakes are myths

people tell themselves when the abstract

erases their footsteps. We must breathe

in the unknown air and embrace the lack

of clarity. It’s when control is ceased that

we ever get the chance to discover

who you were meant to be.

Photographer Unknown


56 comments on “Mistakes

  1. Thank you for this! This is exactly what I needed to read–exactly when I needed to read it!

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  2. The clarity. It all inspires

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  3. I loved it, thank you so much for sharing!

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  4. I really, really like this. Our “twisted paths” are perhaps not so twisted after all. Life is such an adventure, you never know what’s beyond the next bend in the road.

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  5. I love this. From someone who has taken a very twisted path, and embraced it at every turn, it is nice to hear somebody writing the things which I think as well.. although there are definitely moments when the opposite feels true- we are never lost, not really πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing.

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  6. Dear Blogger, everytime i do a mistake, I just worry and fret about it all day long.

    ‘It’s when control is ceased that

    we ever get the chance to discover

    who you were meant to be’

    But yeah, i’ll try to put this read to good use and keep this in mind when i make a mistake next time.

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  7. Outstanding piece of written harmony!

    cheers chris

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  8. A truly beautiful poem.

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  9. So true, and a wonderful poem.

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  10. A @ moylomenterprises

    So true.
    Indeed a true test of character when we survive unknown paths.

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  11. A riddling truth!


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  12. With such a huge following I am sure you receive a lot of comments. However, your blog is beautiful and just reading your poem alone has blessed me and opened up my heart. Thank you πŸ™‚

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  13. Your poems are so inspirational, a morning need for me nowadays. I admire your work a lot.

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  14. In this modernised world human being are more interested in controlling everything around him, which has occupied our entire mind. If we give away control and live effortlessly then nature will unfold in front of us and glide us towards our destiny. Loved your thoughts and flow of a poem.

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  15. Making mistakes in life, that, is how we learn about ourselves, and so, we need to, make some mistakes, for us to turn wiser…

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  16. Having lived two decades so far, I feel deeply moved by this beautiful poem. Mistakes, no matter how they mess up our lives, only move us to the right direction.

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  17. A @ moylomenterprises

    Reblogged this on Inner Ramblings Boulevard: and commented:
    Hello you amazing people!
    I’m in good spirits at the moment so I’m sending some of my good vibes your way. Here they come… Catch!!! πŸ˜€

    So now that you’re in a good mood too, assuming my good vibes did their magic, I’d like you to entertain an interesting take on an old saying. One of our loyal followers, Jacob Ibrag, has a way of tooling some pretty clever poetry, and the following rendition is no different. Hop on over and show some love. Enjoy! 🌷

    October 14 2016 (Showcase reblog)

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  18. Amazing this is,if everyone one get to understand no one will lag behind .Everyone is already there where they need to be .

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  19. inkstainedhandsblog

    This is so good! ❀ πŸ™‚ just what I had to read.

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  20. Nice post. I think control is an illusion we maintain in order to feel safe and comfortable. But safe and comfortable is not the spur for creativity, or learning, or growth.

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  21. findingmyvoicethroughpoetry

    From one writer to another…your words resonate within me. I feel them. That is what is so entrancing about your writing. You definitely pull the reader in with your words!

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  22. Beautiful. Love and Light from me πŸ™‚ ❀

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  23. Grandtrines

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  24. Could you try to define the “abstract” you mention? I feel it is more symbolic than literal.

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  26. I enjoyed this poem a lot. Our minds often want things to be logical and manageable but if we can relinquish the need for control a bit things naturally become more clear. My post today is about clarity in case you have time to have a look? Sam πŸ™‚

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  27. havesomecatharsis

    I like this … a lot

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