“What the really great artists

do is they’re entirely themselves.

They’re entirely themselves, they’ve

got their own vision, they have their

own way of fracturing reality, and if

it’s authentic and true, you will feel

it in your nerve endings.”

– David Foster Wallace

Photography by Kellie Gannon


5 comments on “Vision

  1. That’s so true – & why I will never be one (a great artist that is!)

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  2. We can only be ourselves anyway – but I guess pretentiousness is indicated when we can be otherwise. Also what motivates our will when producing – needs examined. Good Post thanks.(interested to know who the guy doing the ‘Pollocks’ is ? 😎

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  3. Good post, but I wonder if they really are ‘entirely themselves’. Perhaps because they are ‘great’ then everything they do is interpreted in that context. All their actions are viewed through the lens of their greatness producing a fictional consistency that doesn’t actually exist.

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  4. Yes, I find that even in my own little writings and poems, when I am truly authentic, people either love me, or hate me… and it’s okay ❤ ❤ ❤

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