Written by Jacob Ibrag

I get that this is a one time thing, yet

how can that be when you’re catching all of

these feelings? Sending messages with those

fingers, delivering Morse code through my

nerve endings. Seconds till this night is

another reflection. You want more.

I need a commitment.

Photographer Unknown

23 comments on “More

  1. It’s not how she feels about me but how I feel about me.

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  2. I am a fan of your words.. ♡♥♡

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  3. lyrically profound!

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  4. Wow wow wow! ♡♡♡

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  5. This is a deep one!

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  6. Great piece! You are a machine! (I mean this, of course, in a non-dehumanizing way!) You produce so much good content! Keep up the great work!

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  7. Nobody owns anybody, let’s live together!

    Celebrates, running dangerously, grandchildren

    pissed an gaining control, because i’ve not live me..

    start, heavy changes, lookout humanity, we have a king!

    Let’s get together, an have a laugh…

    i would like to thank you personally

    for the support,


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  8. I really like your poetry. You do a great job of taking me to a place and giving distinct emotions and imagery in a few words only.

    That’s talent in my opinion. ^_^

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  10. This is so beautiful. Totally hits home right now!

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  11. Simple, yet illustrative. Well done.

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  12. Beautiful… because its beautifully written or because its beauty strikes a note within my heart…..most likely its both.

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  13. Its beautiful- there is more to feelings then commitment. I have come to understand that we pack all and store them dearly- if its a feeling we hold life time or a second.

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