Written by Jacob Ibrag

The harder I tried to be within

your wavelength, the faster I found

myself slipping within the cracks of

your fingers. Hold on sweet sanity,

inject me with patience. I need

to make this make sense.

Photographer Unknown


32 comments on “Cracks

  1. emotionalspaces

    Beautifully done!

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  2. Beautiful

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  3. Ibrahim Abdullah

    Beautiful indeed. Relatable too 😀

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  4. This is completely making sense..😀
    Patience is a hard quality to achieve..😀

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  5. lifegoeson292

    Says a lot in just a few words. Nice.

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  6. I live it, every word tells my story, my agony

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  7. Damn … that’s clever.

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  8. Thoughtful and lucid. Beautifully written

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  9. Straight to the point! Love it!

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  10. Meiji Zapico

    I love it!!!

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  12. Reblogged this on mywordCanvass and commented:
    This is beautiful #Penguin

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  13. Well done poetry (but that’s no surprise as you wrote it). Relationships are tricky. More so if you started young on that. People change a lot over time. It’s natural and sometimes can lead to people growing apart.

    Sad, and painful as that can be, it happens.

    Also, I’m referencing relationships as a whole. It doesn’t even have to be romantic in nature. I’ve grown apart from close friends before.

    I love your poem. ^_^

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  14. Grandtrines

    Reblogged this on Orthometry.


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