Written by Jacob Ibrag

She watched as the man in red walked into

the room, as he gravitated towards everyone’s

direction except her own. Afraid to let anyone in,

one thought had her mind contemplating, ‘maybe

we need to break a little inside to make space for

those that are willing to crawl into our lives.’

Artist Unknown

45 comments on “Crawl

  1. Loved that featured image

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  2. Perhaps it would be better to show a breaking heart than to show a broken face. This sounds cruel to self , cruelty to self is not the way to let another in to our life, even if he is willing to crawl.

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  3. Interesting picture. It seems like something she sees is breaking the walls that she built in her mind. Or maybe that’s just me. LOL

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  4. Holly Ann Kurt

    I like you πŸ™‚

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  5. Like the pic, got my attention, and your post is intriguing.

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  7. Wow, that’s a great thought that has occured to her. If we wouldn’t be able to feel pain, would we ever be able to understand each other? Would we ever feel a desire to communicate?

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  8. Disturbing image, interesting thought.

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  9. Prince Themba

    Reblogged this on PRINCE THEMBA.

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  10. again i’d like to know the writer’s view. was she afraid to let anyone in – or is this the thought i’m getting – eventually we have this behaviour towards people and now that he din’t approach towards her – she corrects herself that we should let them crawl in sometimes.

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  11. ,, looking past the face & see the real person – love the pic & the post

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  12. Jessythepoet

    This is beautiful ❀

    we need to break a little inside to make space for

    those that are willing to crawl into our lives.’

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  13. Great poem, intense picture! Like it.

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  14. yup, but, wouldn’t you much prefer that love can walk towards you, instead of crawling on all fours???

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    Deep and beautiful. Suzanwrites.Wordpress.com

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  16. Love it Now


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  17. Woah!! Damn!! This is heartthrobing.πŸ’™

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