Written by Jacob Ibrag

I know you’re on the other side of this door and

yet, I’m scared to open it. You’re this anomaly that isn’t

supposed to exist and I know the second I let you in, I’ll find

something that’ll make you human. It’s unfair and I’ve basically

set you up for failure, but I need you to be this unattainable

creature. In a world fixated with stagnation, you’re the

single force that makes me want to be better.

Photographer Unknown

22 comments on “Door

  1. The last line has a power to it. It leaves a wonderful feeling. Lovely poem!!

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  2. Not fair to be made in to unattainable myth or ignoble anomaly when the other is just as human…….poet is honest enough to admit that, but this inhuman treatment is to excel him self ? Nah …..it is a fear to face him self as a human , not a demon nor an angel…… human is imperfect , vulnerable and afraid of rejection.

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  3. Powerful and beautiful.

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  4. , what is on the other side ; ) – love this one

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  5. Aparna Sridharan

    This is beautiful

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  6. Damn, you topic within the writing always interest me!

    Different each time with a very poetic flow…


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  7. I love this piece…

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  8. What a beautiful read!

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  9. Interesting dichotomy that the one behind the door must essentially stagnate as an ideal for the speaker to move forward. It makes one think. What happens when the door opens?

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  10. I love your perspective. The way you wrote this was very effective.

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