“The past

is never where

you think you

left it.”

– Katherine Porter

Artist Unknown

5 comments on “Past

  1. Holly Ann Kurt

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  2. our (unfavorable) past is always there in front of us … because sometimes we try too much to run away from it. a shadow is a shadow because we make it (alone or with others) naturally, the same is true of our past. sometimes, those who help to make this (unfavorable) shadow remain in our present shadow – and continue to spook us. our task is to face our (unfavorable) shadow with strength and shut ‘the light’ out on it. until we do this, our (unfavorable) past will be present in our present and will continue to be present in our future, for we will always carry it with us like an open luggage – shut that luggage and let only the happy shadow and the lessons you have learnt from the (unfavorable) shadow go forth with you.

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  4. m1sbehavin

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    I love this. I am always wondering where my past is hiding. And how it became the past so fast! (Forgive the cheesy rhyme…)


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