Written by Jacob Ibrag

It was over the moment

you expected me to change.

Never accepting the face and

soul in front of you. I was this

project that you couldn’t wait to

fix. You used to be my deity, I

would’ve done anything.

Photography by Marta Bevacqua

40 comments on “Anything

  1. excellent narration of thoughts.well done

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  2. Great poem! Short, simple and too the point, but still profound and packs a punch. I can relate to this too, having had a lot of “Friends” who just wanted to turn me into another version of them, make them a reflection of their monsterous egos.

    Also, I really like your choice of picture. It simple comments on and expands the poem itself. The heartbreak of someone not thinking who you are is good enough, and the wall between you and them that you can see through, but will keep you separated form them forever.

    Thank you for sharing!

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  3. Jacob- I look forward to reading your writing every day. I always love what you are able to accomplish with just a few words. You are always able to capture the essence of what your are trying to convey. You always leave us wanting more. Another beautiful piece.

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  4. So beautiful! Love the way you express the failure of a relationship in which one loves the other unconditionally while the other just feels the need to fix what he/she doesn’t like from the other one.

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  5. Touching :’)

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  6. Holly Ann Kurt

    I’ll do anything for your love ❀

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  7. Powerful and beautiful.

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  8. There is no lack of emotion regardless of the length. A wonderful piece!

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  9. Another profound, yet interesting piece of written mastery..



  10. Excellent. Why is it that people try to change other people and can’t accept them “as is?”

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  11. Hits home, I love it.

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  12. Oh, the failure to see growing together and change being the gift when it does happens.

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  14. Short and captivating. Nice

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  15. This is so beautiful : )

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  16. Finally realizing, that you’re NOT what’s wrong, that the other person is the one, not suited well enough for you…

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  17. excellent!! loved every line ❀

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  18. Really great!!

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  19. Kaushik Prasad

    Loved reading this! πŸ™‚

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  20. mahbuttitches

    Reminds me of an old, unfortunate version of myself. Your words make me happy to have changed so much.

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