With You


“If a writer falls

in love with you,

you can never die.”

– Mik Everett

Photographer Unknown

11 comments on “With You

  1. This really made me smile!! 😊😊 thank you so much for writing it!!

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  2. holabenoitcentury

    like seriously??

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  3. This is very true 🙂 (And the header picture is excellent, by the way!)

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  4. Ah yes so true!

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  5. Fallen Saint

    Beautiful! -Fallen

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  6. Absolutely right !

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  7. Forrest Pasky

    Great piece!

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  9. I love this quote; thank you for always taking your time to look at my blog.

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  10. almyraatanacio

    Reblogged this on XANDFLOWERS.


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