Written by Lois Linkens

Cease your crying, little one,

your time on earth has scarce begun.

There will be time to push and shove,

but as you lie, you’re bound in love. In

these small moments, soft and still, the

world is turning at His will. Stay close,

my child, to what is true, for He did

wonderfully, making you.

Photographer Unknown

14 comments on “Newborn

  1. emotionsoflife2016

    Powerful image

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  2. So great Jacob, but really applaud you for using a poem by Lois, she is just amazing. we are so proud of her and really honored to have her as a member of Sudden Denouement!

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    Jacob used one of Lois’ poems!

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    Lovely, lovely work from Lois Linkens

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  5. devereaux frazier

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  6. Beautiful poem.

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  7. This is beautiful

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