Written by Jacob Ibrag

Stopping for a moment, she tilted her head back and

embraced being lost in the center of the forest. While most

would’ve striven to find a way out, she wanted nothing more

than to remain out of focus. Becoming part of the fabric of

uncertainty outweighed her learned habit to conform.

Photographer Unknown

33 comments on “Focus

  1. Wow! This really great! Short and evocative! We don’t lose ourselves in the world nearly enough.

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  2. Short and sweet πŸ˜‰

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  3. Disappearing in a crowd!


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  4. Intriguing as usual..wetting the appetite of the reader to know more…of the lost soul

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  6. emotionsoflife2016

    Nicely express

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  7. Nice, I really like this.

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  8. Choosing uncertainty is a rarity. Thank you for sharing the value of exploring other ways of being.

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  10. EndlessRivers

    Love this!

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  11. Out of focus …love it

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  12. alaraoluwaseyi

    This is awesome

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  13. Looks like your narrator had, found a comfortable place to be herself, without ANY need to conform to anybody else’s beliefs of how she should be,s he stay true to her own self, and that takes a ton of courage…

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  14. heartfelt

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  15. great meaning behind those words.

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  16. This is beautiful.

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