Written by Jacob Ibrag

You’re dancing with

some guy who’s wearing a

white cowboy hat. Doubt this will

last long, then again you’re eating up

whatever line he’s feeding. Still, he’ll just

be another number you will have rejected.

Reject him. He’s still there, leading you in

a dance of quick step. I was supposed

to be him. Waited too long, and

now you’ve finally chosen.

Photography by Nacho Zaitsev

9 comments on “Chosen

  1. I love it, but doubt you’re correct in your assessment. ❤️ fantastic

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  2. the ending made me teary. Beautifully penned, filled with emotion and imagery.

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  3. Happening, just a little too
    fast for me…


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  5. Just watching across the room, waiting for the right moment, it seems, but the right timing never came, and will remain regretting ’til the end.

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  6. Maybe, your narrator should just walk up to the woman, and ask her for a dance himself???

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