“But we were a maybe

and never a must when

it should have been us.”

– Lang Leav

Artist Unkown

4 comments on “Us

  1. Hmm, your posts lately seemed to be about regrets, of things that could have been and never been. Regretting something…?

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    • It’s less about regrets and more about remembering that the day is built around possibility, and that possibility only goes as far as a person can will it.

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      • Ah…indeed, that is true. As long as a person don’t act upon it, it will only remain as a possibility. Several of your posts lately just made me wonder if there are things that happened to your life lately that made you kind of wistful, made you think of a possibility but never really act on it. Sorry, if I was kind of putting too much meaning in the words you convey. Let’s say I’m just curious.

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      • No worries 🙂

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