Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘I don’t know what to say to make

this any better,’ he explains as she begins

to walk in the opposite direction. ‘Don’t say

anything, just walk beside me. This won’t

define us, at least not completely.’

Photographer Unknown

16 comments on “Walk

  1. Roy Evans


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  2. Sounds like your character’s have things they must figure out, then, cope with whatever it is they decide to do…

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  3. Again, I love your ability to shed light on very real life experiences in so few words. It makes your work able to be interpreted in so many different ways.

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  4. I must agree with Trevor… You have a talent to say so much with so little. Like this one here; I relate so much to this scene. It’s a whole scene painted, as if I had this experience once before.

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  5. I loved it! Amazing image in just a few words! Awesome!

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  6. Just went through such a scene last night! Thanks for putting it into words. πŸ™‚

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